The Story of A Successful Chili Farmer Overcoming the Economic Downturn

By Afrianti Eka Pratiwi - October 28, 2022


Indonesia is known as a fertile country where anything planted in the soil grows fast. We witnessed that truth when we observed a 3000 m2 chili plantation owned by one of CROWDE's West Java associate farmers.

Effort Never Betrays Result

This is how one of CROWDE's agricultural partners feels. Mr. Jaja is his name. Mr Jaja grew up in a farming household, thus he is already accustomed to the agricultural milieu. His agricultural skills were gained by frequently assisting his family on the farm as a child. Despite having previously worked as a farm laborer, the farmer's spirit in his heart encouraged him to manage farms alongside his brother.

"Alhamdulillah, my inspiration for farming was because I saw my parents used to farm, so I joined in farming," said Mr Jaja.

A Change His Career Path due to the Economic Downturn

Pak Jaja tried his luck in agriculture by planting curly chilies. Pak Jaja gradually learnt about agriculture, equipped with knowledge and counsel from his parents.

However, Pak Jaja can now show that his decision to become a farmer was the correct one. This is demonstrated by the fact that the chili plantation area has grown to 3000 m2.

With the support of his beloved wife and boundless passion, Pak Jaja can manage agricultural products with consistent profits. Pak Jaja and his wife raise a variety of crops, including tomatoes and cassava, in addition to chili.

Pak Jaja can manage his farmland with the assistance of funding and farming expertise from CROWDE. He is no longer worried about offering subpar pricing to middlemen for his agricultural products.

"Thank God, because I participate in CROWDE, I have been much benefited because of the funding for farming," stated Pak Jaja.

Are you also thinking about joining CROWDE as a farmer partner? Count on CROWDE to assist you!