Maybe the term crowd investing is quite new for you to hear. But on the other side, the term crowdfunding is more popular, especially since a few years ago. In fact, today is the day where everything about financial things is related to investment. And the term investment still being an exclusive form of financial matters in our nation.

Then let’s talk about what is crowd investment and its impacts on our society. Crowd investment could be one of the most reachable platforms, where everybody from any backgrounds can invest their money. And because the crowd investment collecting money from the crowd (the people), so the fund will go to something beneficial to our society.

For instance, 20 people from any places or even came from any province, never see each other before, but having one goal: to make an impact for Indonesian farmers by investing on the farmer’s projects that cost more than 50 million Rupiahs. It might be a hard thing to do if you are all alone, only have 10 thousand Rupiahs and you don’t know how to help them. But in crowd investing scheme, you and other purposeful people will make a great impact through mutual cooperation.

So crowd investment will be a great method for collecting funds from people broadly. You don’t have to wait until you have a bunch of money then invest in a property or something so expensive to start investing. The basic idea of crowd investing is mutual cooperation. We could invest in something impactful for other people that indirectly have such impacts for ours too.

This is what we do in CROWDE. Through mutual cooperation, we are gathering funds from anyone by making it easier to invest and make great connections with the farmers. We do this just because we want to make sure that everything in our path will bring many forms of mutual happiness for anyone. On one side of being truly impactful for raising up the welfare of our farmers, who are living below the poverty line. And on the other side, to give the crowd a great return on their investment. Simply to put, everyone involved in CROWDE is a happy go lucky kind of people.

It’s still a long way to go. But we can’t wait no longer, the time is now, the rise of crowd investment has just begun. Don’t you want to see a world full of mutual happiness? You can always start now at