Belajar Bertani Inspiratif

The Portrait of Young Successful Farmer

According to data from the Badan Pusat Statistik (BPS), the number of farmers in Indonesia as of 2019 reached 33.4 million people. Sadly, only 8% of young farmers aged 20 – 39 years old still contribute in agriculture industries. That’s why it is not surprising if this country is threatened by a farmer regeneration crisis.

Behind this astonishing fact, Fahru Rozi, one of CROWDE’s young farmers is trying to prove that agriculture still has a future. This 34-year-old youth from Garut, West Java, chose to devote himself to being a farmer in his homeland.

Fahru helps his family manage a chili plantation and continues to innovate to advance the agricultural industry. In this modernization and prestige, Fahru is not ashamed to carry out his mandate as a farmer.

For him, the farming profession he is currently carrying is the best choice that God has given him. By becoming a farmer, he can help his family and share the benefits with others through his chili plantation.

Fahru’s story inspires youth to contribute to the agricultural industry. Fahru proved that a bright future can also be achieved through the farming profession.