The Story of Ibu Des, Our January Inspiring Farmer


Bu Des, that’s how we called this inspiring farmer from Tanah Datar, West Sumatera. She joined CROWDE since 2017. Inspired by her parents who are a rubber farmer, Bu Des wants to start this work. She learned all about farming by herself without formal education.


On the first contract with CROWDE, Bu Des tried to challenge herself to make this loan profitable and give an impact on herself in the long run. She started to rent a hectare of her neighbor’s farmland to be planted with chili. She keeps all profit from the first contract and continues until the third contract is over. Her hard work paid on the third contract, she could finally buy a hectare of farmland that she rented before from her neighbor. She still can’t imagine that her target can be achieved quite quickly. By owning the farmland she feels ease because she doesn’t have to rely on the price of rent that might increase in the future and nitty-gritty rule that the landlord has set.


Now, Bu Des is waiting for her chili harvesting period from the fourth contract with CROWDE. She hopes the crops will be bountiful and could be harvested on time. She wants to use the profit from the fourth contract for expanding her farmland. “I am planning to plant some orange trees on my own farmland. Hopefully, the chili harvest period will be abundant,” said Bu Des. She really hopes the weather will be perfect until the harvest period comes. Lately, the rain comes really often that makes the weather get colder in Tanah Datar. It causes the chili to grow quite slow and makes Bu Des worried.

In general Bu Des is really grateful for the loan from CROWDE friends. She could start her dream and even can own her farmland. She is happy because she learned a lot of things like financial planning, how to improve the quality of crops, and the most important one to get easy access to financing to purchase seeds and fertilizer at a fair price. She was also amazed by CROWDE partners that gave her mentoring training after purchasing a special product. Last but not least, Bu Des wants to give an inspiring message to other farmers, “Don’t be afraid to learn new things. I know there are many farmers who are smarter than me, but I am not afraid to learn from zero and give everything to achieve my goals. Let’s learn!

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