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3 Reasons Why You Should Start Investing at Your 20s

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Since investing is quite extraneous for millennials, especially in Indonesia, the number of young adults who start their first investment these days doesn’t rise significantly. Maybe you’re one in million young adults who not sure yet when to start investing. Or maybe you’re planning to try investing when your financial condition became stable first? Whereas, there are many investment platforms that allow people to start investing even in a low budget. So, here are the reasons why twenty-something is the best age to start investing.


When you start investing at your twenties, you’re able to gain more in the future. The longer you invest, the better. For instance, when you start investing Rp 1.000.000  per month at your 20s and consistently invest in something, at your 60s you’ll gain over Rp 504.000.000 (5% interest rate estimation). But when you start investing at your 30s with the same amount of investment, you’ll gain Rp 378.000.000 or it would be Rp 252.000.000 if you start investing at your 40s. See? The earlier you start to invest, the wealthier it can generate.

Tech Savvy

Today’s generation is the tech-savvy one. Sure you are able to learn something like how to invest online. You can also do the investment transaction online, monitoring your growth investment, and also getting a lot of information about the investment itself. With these kinds of advantages, you can probably make it easy to invest in your 20s. The more you are able to go online, the easier it takes to invest as a beginner.

Take More Risks

Did you know that the age of an investor can influence the amount of risk of the investment they can deal with? The younger investor with the years of earning ahead of them can actually take the investment with higher risk. Young people tend to get more chances to earn more because of the longer life expectancy than the olds. So that’s why the younger you are when you start the investment, the better.

Be prepared for your future by investing early, you have no time to waste by just working on your 20s. But the question is, what is the most suitable platform for young and beginner investors to put their money on? Since young adults tend to look for an investment with a low-budget to start, you may go to the platform who provide the easy way to invest. If you need so, head on to the investment platform where you can even start investing from Rp 10.000 like at CROWDE (click here)! Care more about your future by investing at an early age, good luck!

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