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Save the water to reduce water waste, here are 5 tips to start!

Hemat air untuk kurangi limbah berbahaya

Don’t you know if you could reduce the water consumption you are also participating in saving the earth? How come? The more water you use for taking a shower or flushing the toilet just because you are too shy on your “business” sounds in the public toilet will make more water waste. There will be 1.4 million children can’t drink clean water in 2040 because you spent that water easily like that. So how could you start your less water waste journey? We have customized a simple plan for you.

Reduce the use of detergent

Detergent and other cleaning liquids contain chemical substances that produce hazardous water waste. Even though we have organic options like lerak to wash the cloth or wash the plates, most people still can’t be separated with detergent. What you could do to make less water waste is to maximise the load of the laundry cycle. Second, choose ​concentrated detergents, billions of gallons of water could be saved. Concentrated detergents work beautifully and avoid the expense of manufacturers adding water and spending money to ship expensive bottles.

Reuse and recycled water

At first, people will think it’s gross to reuse water because it’s dirty. But not all of them are dirty. For example, we could reuse water that we use to rinse fruits or veggies for watering the garden. But remember to only reuse water that doesn’t contain chemical substances. And the other case you can even use water from rinsing the rice as a face toner. It’s a win-win solution to reuse the water and give you a free natural beauty.

Don’t buy new clothes, wear it a bit longer or swap

Do you know how much water we need to produce one t-shirt? It needs 2.700 liter of water to produce one t-shirt that is equal for one person to drink for 900 days. On average, to produce one set of clothes, we need 10.300 liter of water. So if you could stop buying new clothes or at least wear them a bit longer you will save a lot of water. If you need a new fashion look, why not swap some of your clothes with your friend’s collections. Watch this video to learn about water journeys for one t-shirt.

Lower shower time

One of the best places to make a difference in saving the water is in the shower. This is the place where many people wastewater for personal use more than anywhere else. Every minute of less shower time means 150 gallons less of water wasted per month. For homeowners, this also leads to a dramatic reduction in the water bill. Try to make your shower time less than 2 songs and everyone will be happy.

Turn off the water tap while you washing your hands

These tips also apply when you wash your face, brush your teeth or even shave. Letting the water run when you are not using it will make a lot of unnecessary water waste. So turn off the water tap and you will save the water also your bill.

We know it’s too much if we do all things at one time. Like farmers who already start the action by applying a rainfed agriculture system, we should start what we can. Start reducing water consumption and reusing the water whenever we can. Start with small things because everyone has a role to play! We can’t afford to wait, let’s start!

If you want to help farmers to be more resilient on climate change, have a look some interesting projects that CROWDE has here.

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