Radhia Tani x SADILA Community Used The Old Plastic Bottle to Plant!

By Afrianti Eka Pratiwi - September 22, 2022


Who says that planting is difficult and needs a large area? Planting can be anywhere, even with simple materials such as plastic bottles. Yup! Bottle waste that we usually do not use anymore, can be used as a media for growing plants at home. This planting activity with the old plastic bottles was carried out by Radhia Tani and SADILA Community (Sahabat Difabel Lampung) on August 14, 2022.

Held at the SADILA Office Center, in Bandar Lampung, this event was attended by around 80 participants who are members of the SADILA Community and also the parents. The enthusiasm of SADILA community members is so amazing!

Planting With The Old Plastic Bottle

It was not only planting by using an old plastic bottle as a medium, the kids also needed to design their own bottle to be as beautiful as they could. To enhance the visual appearance, the bottles are decorated and painted with various colors and motifs. This process is so fun, because the participants are free to express whatever they want to do in their own bottles.

After that, the bottle is shaped by making a big hole in the middle. That big hole could be filled with planting media in the form of soil and compost. The filled planting container was then planted with kale seeds. SADILA participants of course could carry their plant to their own houses.

Planting with old plastic bottles in addition to introducing simple agricultural cultivation to the participants also made them aware of the processing of plastic waste for the environment. However, this activity is also a form of concern for CROWDE & Radhia Tani towards disability inclusion in Indonesia.

"It's very nice to have CROWDE & Radhia Tani who provide agricultural activities for children that are carried out smoothly and easily," said Yuniar, one of the children's parents of the SADILA Community.

Rara, one of the participants from the SADILA Community, also expressed her joy for being able to participate in the fun and excitement of planting and coloring activity.

Not only having fun, this activity is also a form of empathy for disabilities and introduces simple cultivation activities in the yard, which is able to become a routine activity for SADILA members. Cultivation that can be done by anyone even in any way has now become one of the activities that can be applied by disabilities.

"Thank you for inviting SADILA, these activities to know agriculture for the children here are very useful," concluded Etik, as the SADILA Community Manager.