Radhia Tani by CROWDE x IAAS Local Committee Held Collaborative Activities to Increase Community Interest in Agriculture

By Afrianti Eka Pratiwi - October 21, 2022


People in some regions of Indonesia still have a low interest in farming. Despite the abundance of natural resources, some people still do not know how to utilize and market them.

In addition to marketing, horticulture knowledge is still hardly ever used. This information serves as the context for Radhia Tani's community outreach and socialization initiatives.

On June 25 and July 5, 2022, Radhia Tani collaborated with the IAAS Local Committees of Mataram University and Udayana University. The two locations of the event were the villages of Pangsan, Evening, Badung, Bengkaung, and Batu Layar, which take place in the province of Bali and West Nusa Tenggara.

Radhia Tani developed the practice of intercropping farming with the commodities of kencur, eggplant, and chili during this socialization. Later, participants can put the gardening methods they learned into practice and market their agricultural goods.

Pakgantiana, the Pangsan Indigenous Village Bendesa, expressed hope that they may work even more closely with Radhia Tani to advance agriculture in the Pangsan Village.

Additionally, Radhia Tani provided trigona honey bee farmers with marketing strategy materials after observing the promising outcomes of honey bee production, which were quite decent in Bengkaung Village. In addition to the materials, there were engaging discussions and practical exercises. It is hoped that additional training would be offered in the future to benefit their business.

Habib, an IAAS UNRAM training attendee, said, "I'm delighted with the content presented because there are discussion sessions and hands-on practice.

After this training, we hope the community's interest in agriculture will increase. The people of each region can also use natural resources well and apply the cultivation techniques that have been taught.