Riyadh to Sukabumi: Pak Acu and his passion to be a farmer


Pak Acu, that’s how we called him, one of our inspirational farmers from Sukabumi, West Java. Our first impression when we met him, he was a warm and funny person. We spent one hour having a short tour on his farm and talked about his experience in Riyadh and his passion to be a farmer. He was joined CROWDE since 2018 and now he is working on the third contract with CROWDE for chilli’s cultivation.

Pak Acu’s journey to be a farmer is so interesting. He grew up in a farmer family for some generation. He learnt basic farming from his parents. At first, he thought he would continue his family business on farming, but he found an interesting opportunity to work in Riyadh, United Arab Emirates. After several years working in Riyadh, Pak Acu finally decided to continue his true calling as a farmer and continue his parent business. His parents want him to start slowly by learning the distribution process and crop pricing in the market. He spent 1 year distributing the crops to several markets like Cibitung, Keramat Jati, and Tanah Tinggi Market. With this experience, he started building a good network with several big offtaker so he didn’t have to distribute the crop by himself after the harvesting session and know to which market of each product could be sold by their quality.

On his second year collaboration with CROWDE, He feels grateful for the impact. He could expand not only the number of farm fields that he could manage but also the number of workers that helped him. Before joining CROWDE he managed a 3,000m2 field with 1 worker then expanded to 5,000m2 and 4 additional workers. Pak Acu saw a great opportunity for other farmers in his community. He wants all farmers in his society to have a better life and could expand their business and knowledge. He encouraged them to project financing planning so they were able to join CROWDE and now there are 30 farmers on the credit scoring stage applied for the CROWDE project. In the future, Pak Acu hopes there are more community sharing and training sessions so all farmers could learn from other’s experiences.

Pak Acu’s skill, experience and spirit made him one of the pilot farmers that CROWDE trust to test a new agricultural technique. He started to use a polyculture system with the zig-zag technique to combine chilli and cabbage cultivation. He is really open-minded and keen to learn new things. He even asked CROWDE for a new pilot project test so he can have new knowledge. He is never tired to attend a sharing session that CROWDE held, for him this is a good opportunity to learn new things from other farmers or experts.

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