Harvesting paddy in the month full of love, an overjoyed moment for farmers


February is also known as a month full of love since the Valentine day happened in this month. Farmers overjoy in the month full of love too because they can harvesting paddy. The amount of rain that pouring is perfectly balanced with the sunshine along this month. The farmers who really dependent on the rain will be blessed with this water supply. In fact, the rainwater contains more nitrogen that will help to nourish the crops and make plants even greener.

Although nature might help with this rain, farmers still need to know which commodity is the best one to plant around this rainy season. One of the staple food to grow around this season is paddy. 

Who doesn’t know paddy or most people eat them as rice? For Indonesian, this is one of our main star in the dining table. We will eat rice in every occasion, breakfast, dinner even as a snack sometimes like Lemper, Jadah, or Jipang. That’s why we got a title as the number one largest rice consumer in the world with the average consumption is 117kg per capita in a year. In total Indonesia consume 33.74 million tonnes of rice in a year. The government targeted to produce 46.5 million tonnes of rice to make a stable condition. For now, Indonesia is one of the big three rice producers in the world after China and India. The ministry of agriculture slowly wants to reduce the number of rice that imports from other countries by encouraging more millennials to start farming and widen the paddy field to increase the result. 

The government encourage the farmers to start to grow the paddy around November and December, this is when the rainy season starts, so the paddy is ready to be harvested in February. We know because of the climate change the usual rainy season was delayed to November even December. By knowing this fact, the farmers could maximise the effort to prepare when is the best time to grow paddy. Last year the government had predicted the peak of harvesting is February with the total harvest is 5.26 million tonnes of rice. That’s why we said the farmers feel overjoy in February. All of their hard work is paid with this result and it can be the highest result along the year for them. They are happy because their paddy can turn into a bowl of delicious rice that you and your family consumed.

To be able to support more farmers and contribute to achieving our country vision, we should hand in hand to help the farmers to be resilient. Start with something small like buy local goods or join agriculture investment project with CROWDE. You learn more about how to help farmers here.

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