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Learn about irrigation system with Pak Karma

Sistem irigasi

Having an established irrigation system is one of the essential components for agriculture. The crops need water to be able to grow. Usually, farmers really need this irrigation system when the drought season comes but it doesn’t mean in the rainy season this system becomes useless. The farmer will do the rain harvesting at this time as supply in the drought season.

Most people only know one irrigation type, that is surface irrigation, but actually, there are 3 more irrigation methods that you need to know. These are four types of irrigation in the agricultural industry:

1.Surface irrigation

This is the oldest irrigation system applied in Indonesia. It uses gravity to let water flow to the channel and the farmer will distribute the water between rows by himself. This method is cost-effective as it can be used on small pieces of land and does not require advanced machinery and technology. 

2.Drip irrigation

Drip irrigation involves the use of pipes with small openings called drippers. These drippers, also known as emitters, trickle water at low rates on the soil. Drip irrigation saves water. The benefit of drip irrigation is it will save water but on other hands, you need a long pipe to distribute water.

3.Subsurface irrigation

This irrigation method waters the crop from below the ground. Pipes placed beneath the soil surface supply water to the roots of plants. This irrigation is suitable for dry and windy areas as it limits the loss of water through evaporation. 

4.Sprinkler irrigation

Sprinkler Irrigation involves spraying crops with water into the air and it will fall like rain. This method aims to distribute the water evenly. But you need to be careful because some crops are not suitable for this method, for example, lettuce. The large water droplets could destroy vegetables like lettuce.

Like Pak Karma, one of CROWDE’s farmer, who did paddy cultivation in Subang, West Java, that depends on the irrigation system. Paddy has known as plants that need enough water to grow perfectly. The irrigation channel is really important for Pak Karma mostly in drought season and unpredictable weather like nowadays. He and other farmers in his village have access to the village irrigation system. Each area of the field will get their own schedule to get access to make sure everyone has equal access. Most of the farmers in Subang use surface irrigation system as this system is relatively cheap and easy to manage. Pak Karma is one of a farmer who successfully harvesting his paddy with the support of CROWDE’s loan. Right now, Pak Karma is running the second project with CROWDE and his now waiting for the harvesting cycle. Pak Karma has felt the impact from CROWDE’s loan, such as the increment of field and the number of farmworkers.

There are still many other farmers who need support to run their agricultural businesses and empowering their community. For those of you who agree to support more farmers such as Pak Karma, you can do it with CROWDE!

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