Impact Report CROWDE in 2019


CROWDE’s journey from 2016, at least has paid off. Not only helping farmers as the main actors in the agricultural sector, but CROWDE also builds a sustainable agricultural ecosystem, which can have a positive impact on the growth of domestic agricultural businesses. CROWDE aims to build a capital ecosystem that is efficient, farmer-friendly, and long-term. That way, farmers can focus on developing agricultural businesses to make their lives more prosperous.

How CROWDE make impact

CROWDE makes farmers’ lives more prosperous and safer systematically. Although the partners of farmers still have to struggle with the use of technology and financial management in an effort to make their agricultural businesses more developed.

The most capital projects are located in West Java, with a total of 446 projects.

However, CROWDE also expanded its services to areas in Indonesia where the agricultural sector received less attention, such as in Bali, Nusa Tenggara and Papua.


with the cashless system because it is safer and more effective for agricultural businesses.


of farmers stated that CROWDE was more friendly to farmers compared to other access to capital they had chosen.

CROWDE take a role in Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Increase farmer’s income and financial literacy
Collaborate with institutional offtaker and farmer to build a good supply chain
help more than 100 new farmers in rural areas to gain access to the capital.

The challenge of CROWDE in the coming years is to encourage more young people to be involved in the agricultural sector and obtain financial literacy for better business management. That way, it is not impossible that Indonesia can become a world food barn in 2045 and be free from agricultural problems and provide prosperity for agropreneurs. In the coming year, CROWDE will always give its best capabilities to the agricultural ecosystem that has been built so that it can continue to enhance the agricultural revolution for agropreneurs throughout Indonesia.

If you are interested to read more the report, download here.

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