Human Development Center Supports CROWDE to Improve Employee Skill Set

By Afrianti Eka Pratiwi - September 27, 2022


Every company wants a stable company sustainability, so they can continue to exist and compete with other companies, both in the same field or in different fields. The things that support this goal are qualified human resources to achieve goals and make a better company.

As an employee, needing the skillset is not only by self-learning, but also needs support from the company that provides it. That's why CROWDE tried to create the Human Development Center (HDC). HDC focuses on developing and training employee skill sets for career path and company sustainability.

Currently HDC is trying to encourage employees to take development and training up to the certification step. In addition, HDC also implements an assessment to know the profile and character of employees, then they can facilitate based on respective profiles and characters.

The formation of HDC does not just happen, with the purpose that mentioned before, internally HDC is present as a support from the company to employees who want and must improve. On the other hand, externally, HDC must be formed considering the increasingly advanced global industry in which there are a lot of competitors and more new ways to be studied and applied.


Although still in the continuous development stage, CROWDE has begun to focus on shifting to the HDC system since early 2022. Of course there will still be many new things that HDC will apply in the future.

With the presence of the Human Development Center (HDC), CROWDE hopes that employees will have the opportunity to develop and improve their skills and knowledge, which can improve their performance, KPI achievement, and company sustainability.

HDC implementation is certainly not easy and so far has not touched 100%. There were also some difficulties experienced, for example in determining the most suitable program for CROWDE's employee and company profiles. With these obstacles, we looked for the best solution by adding human resources in professional Learning and Development for CROWDE, so implementation of the HDC system can be carried out more quickly, comprehensively, and on target.