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First Ever Boxmeer Corn Planted in Gunungkidul, CROWDE Held a Traditional “Ceremony”

Habits and cultures cannot be separated among the more traditional people. That is what happened to CROWDE when the company visited the partnered farmer area in Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta.

In order to plant the first ever Boxmeer Corn, CROWDE along with the associates farmers are holding a traditional ceremony and mass praying before starting the planting process.

This ceremony is held to ask for God’s blessing, in order to smoothen the process from planting to harvesting. CROWDE, a local economic organization, and Hutan Nglipar farmer group, which all are partnered with CROWDE, also engage in the planting of Boxmeer Corn.

Boxmeer Corn is the only commodity planted. Recalling corn as the centerfold in the agriculture industry at this moment.

CROWDE plays a role to help the farmers from the moment of planting to the harvesting season. Not only that, CROWDE also helped the farmer to gather the fund, monitoring the fields and the seeds, even distributing the harvested goods from the farmers.

By the presence of CROWDE, surely the farmers would be more focused and systemized in the planting times. There are 12 farmers who eventually chose to partner with CROWDE in planting the corn.

Not only that, CROWDE also assisted in educating the farmers in the choosing of organic fertilizer with a good quality. By partnering with CROWDE, farmers also gained several benefits. Such as the convenience of distributing the harvested goods, and also getting the best possible price regarding the quality of the goods.

If all goes according to plan, the planting of Boxmeer Corn would be held at the end of September, by using the space given by Perusahaan Umum Kehutanan Negara (Perhutani) with right to use for commerce (Hak Guna Usaha).

Not only corn planting, this is also a perfect opportunity to exchange information between the farmers and CROWDE. Because, as an agriculture company, CROWDE takes the part very seriously to the succession of the farming industry.

The planting of corn commodities in Gunungkidul, certainly has a target needed to be achieved. Which is the growth of self-sufficient ration, diversified sustenance, harvested quantity, export, and the better life of the farmers.