CROWDE Performs the "Selametan" Tradition at Gunungkidul's First Corn Planting

By Afrianti Eka Pratiwi - September 21, 2022


Customs and culture are intrinsically tied to the people of Indonesia. CROWDE had this encounter when visiting farming partners in the Gunungkidul area. Before planting the first maize in Gunungkidul, CROWDE and farmer partners performed a "selametan" and prayer together.

CROWDE, area cooperatives, and CROWDE's farmer partners, the Nglipar Forest Farmers Group, all attended the planting event. Furthermore, CROWDE assisted farmers from the beginning until the harvest season, in terms of capital, monitoring of land and plant seeds, agricultural and financial education, and crop distribution from farmers.

This initial planting event was not only a planting event but also a meeting place for farmers, CROWDE, the cooperative, and the local government. This type of community also has the potential as a medium for exchanging information between farmer partners and CROWDE, a company that assists farmers in the agricultural industry's success.

Corn cultivation in Gunungkidul surely has goals that must be met, including food self-sufficiency, increased food diversification, increased crop, and export-added value, and improved farmer welfare.