CROWDE Supports Young Farmers by Participating in Youth Action for Sustainable Development Goals.

By Afrianti Eka Pratiwi - October 28, 2022


Youth Action For Sustainable Development Goals was hosted digitally and presented by numerous panelists, one of whom was Yohanes Sugihtonugroho, CEO and Co-Founder of CROWDE and winner of the 2022 Y20 Awards. Tempo Media arranged the event to promote constructive acts carried out by Indonesian youth.

Yohanes explained how CROWDE affects the lives of today's youth in his interview. CROWDE chose farmers as partners because they believe farmers are the foundations of our life. In practice, there are more than 38,000 people in Indonesia, but the majority of farmers are elderly.

The decrease in the number of farmers causes no regeneration of farmers. This will certainly affect the food sector which depends on agricultural products. Therefore, CROWDE wants to contribute directly to the agricultural industry and can invite young people to join as farmers.

CROWDE provides a program for farmer partners to continue to grow through the provision of capital, agricultural materials such as fertilizers, and higher-quality seeds. Not only that but agricultural assistance is also carried out so that farmers understand what the market wants. Moreover, quality improvement is also one of the points needed to reach the better and more profitable market. Thus, farmers will be more prosperous.

The main problem for farmers is that they do not want their children to become farmers so that the children do not experience the same difficulties. That's where CROWDE wants to change the perspective of farmers and instill knowledge in young people that the agricultural industry is an industry that has a future.

"According to young people, farmers are people who farm, even though the other abbreviations are the guardians of the Indonesian state order," said Yohanes, “If it is explained, of course, the meaning will be broader, how do we use technology in the agriculture industry itself? As we know, 90% of agricultural graduates do not work in the agricultural industry.”

CROWDE aims to help them gain more knowledge and contribute to the world of agriculture, not limited to non-agricultural backgrounds so they can make the agricultural industry even better by playing a direct role.