To Support Green investment, CROWDE was in Attendance at the West Java Investment Summit in 2022.

By Afrianti Eka Pratiwi - October 28, 2022


The world's recent food crisis is still a hot topic of conversation. The decrease in food output is one of the causes. Indonesia is currently plagued by the phenomenon of a food crisis as a result.

Because of this, West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil arranged the West Java Investment Summit (WJIS) on October 5, 2022, in Bandung, with the subject "Green Investment: Food Security & Renewable Energy."

This event was organized by the West Java government to draw in both domestic and overseas investors. Private sectors had the chance to present their products in this instance to investors, stakeholders, and the West Java government. This event might lead to more chances for future partnerships.

CROWDE, an agricultural firm that had previously collaborated on a pilot project in Karangnunggal with the West Java Chamber of Commerce and Industry and BUMDes, took part in this occasion supported by the West Java government. CROWDE and KADIN renewed the MOU on the pilot project collaboration with BUMDes at this WJIS event. This collaboration will then spread to other parts of West Java.

CROWDE is optimistic about the land and human resource potential of West Java's rural districts. To boost the local economy, CROWDE will develop agricultural land in collaboration with KADIN West Java and BUMDes.

The West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil's initiative to further the goal of economic independence and food stability has the outspoken backing of CROWDE. Additionally, the Karangnunggal pilot project, the outcome of the partnership between CROWDE, KADIN, and BUMDes, is undeniable evidence of the effectiveness of the collaboration between the public and private sectors in realizing the program for economic independence and food stability.