CROWDE Renewed the Partnership with Universities to Ensure Farmer Regenerations.

By Afrianti Eka Pratiwi - September 21, 2022


Regeneration is still an issue among farmers in agriculture industries. This happens because the majority of youths are not willing to become a farmer or even step their foot on a field despite their academic background in the agricultural sector. They say, being a farmer is hard labor and they are afraid they are going to be ridiculed and belittled, unlike the more executive jobs in an office setting.

With that in mind, a while ago, CROWDE and several well-known universities, like Universitas Padjajaran and Universitas Siliwangi held a partnership in a program called Kampus Merdeka. Soon, Kampus Merdeka expected to have several programs ranging from an internship, agricultural researches, to giving back to the community

The signing of the partnership between CROWDE and UNPAD was officiated on May 5th 2022, with UNPAD being represented by Dr. Ir. Meddy Rachmadi, M.P., while UNSIL was officiated on June 7th 2022 and represented by Dr. Hj. Ida Hodiyah, Ir., M.P.

After the ceremony and partnership signing, both parties agreed on 4 points for Kampus Merdeka programs. Which are:

  1. Inclusive research
    This program involving the teachers and students to be able to do research in agriculture fields, while CROWDE involved by overseeing the research to gain a Good Agricultural Practices which will be applied to the partnered farmers.
  2. Training In this program there will be an exchange of information between the mentors or trainees and the faculty representatives in the form of guest lecturer, AGB, etc.
  3. Human Development This program will involve the teachers and the students to give back to the community, especially in agricultural and entrepreneurship fields with Crowde and Radhia Tani as the grantor.
  4. Kampus Merdeka In this program, CROWDE as an agricultural startup has a part to contain and facilitate students who want to do an internship and want to know first-hand of working in the industry.

The partnership between CROWDE and the formerly mentioned universities has a main goal to develop agriculture through agricultural startup and agricultural agency. With that achieved, agriculture industries are expected to be more advanced and farmer regeneration issues will be solved.

Such collaborations are not the first time CROWDE were involved. While the regeneration is still a huge issue among the agricultural industries, it is expected that collaboration between CROWDE and these universities will generate more students to have an interest in agriculture field and applying their academic knowledge will further enhanced the industry and affecting not only the farmers, but also the people who has the same vision and mission as CROWDE.