CROWDE CEO & Co-Founder Was Chosen To Be The Representative In Obama Foundation Leaders Asia-Pacific Program 2022

By Afrianti Eka Pratiwi - September 22, 2022


CROWDE not only contributes to the welfare of local farmers, but also keeps improving and keeping up with the times. As a form of improving the quality of the company through leadership, Yohanes Sugihtononugroho as CEO & Co-Founder of CROWDE became one of the representatives from Indonesia who was selected in The Obama Foundation Leaders Asia-Pacific Program 2022.

Leaders would gain a deeper understanding of how values-based leadership enhances their ability to make change. They would be driven by new ideas and skills. Most importantly, leaders would continue to gain a broader continental and global perspective, joining a growing global alumni network of more than 600 active change makers.

What is the Obama Foundation Asia-Pacific Leaders Program?

The Obama Foundation Asia-Pacific Leaders Program focuses on building a tightly-knit cohort, while simultaneously supporting individuals, uniting leaders from across Southeast Asia, Northeast Asia, and Oceania to engage in values-based leadership discussions, skillbuilding for social change, and hands-on workshops. This program has built a network of 235 leaders, hailing from over 35 nations and territories, working across various sectors and issue areas.

Leveraging the full power of the Obama network, participants in virtual skill-building workshops, network building opportunities, and a variety of moderated conversations with issue-area experts, while focusing on individual growth as a leader rooted in values. Upon completion of the program, Obama Leaders became part of the Obama Foundation’s global alumni community, a new generation of civically active, positive role models who are prepared to create tangible solutions to the challenges of our time.

The Obama Foundation Leaders Asia-Pacific Program is more than just a leadership program—it’s a community of support, enduring friendship, and lifelong connections.

Impact Obama Foundation Leaders Program For CROWDE

CROWDE has grown its coverage area to five major Indonesian islands in the last three years, involving over 20,000 small farmers and agri-SMEs, channeling more than $20 million to farmers, creating jobs in the agricultural sector, and increasing farmers’ income by 150 percent.

Through a workshop from the Obama Foundation Leader Program, CROWDE can develop networking skills and leadership skills within the company. So that later, CROWDE can be able to focus more on growth and goals to create real solutions in the agricultural industry.

CROWDE, which supports small farmers' businesses through capital, hopes that the farmers will not easily give up running their business even though they have to go through many obstacles. We try to minimize the various complexities experienced by farmers, as well as mitigate capital risk by distributing cashless business capital and repaying loans in the form of crops.

"This CROWDE contribution in The Obama Foundation Leaders Program, hopefully can lead the CROWDE itself to pay more attention to the company's goals to build an inclusive economy and prosperity for local farmers in Indonesia." said Yohanes.