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CROWDE HQ Office Renovation, This is The New Look!

Recently, CROWDE renovated its head office located at Jalan Tebet Raya Number 34 Blok A Persil Number 4, South Jakarta. Renovations were carried out so that the office had a comfortable atmosphere with a professional impression. This head office is indeed intended for clients or colleagues who come to work with CROWDE and some employees.

Carrying a modern contemporary concept, CROWDE chooses to use a wooden motif floor so that the warm and homey impression in the office can make you feel at home. Plain white walls display a minimalist and simple impression. Later here it will be filled with wall decorations in the form of motivational words or targets that can be achieved as well as achievements that have been obtained by CROWDE.

In several other workspaces, long tables are provided without partitions so that employees can have more freedom when holding light discussions related to work. This of course makes socialization between employees easy to establish. Similar to industrial design, this workspace uses a floor with a motif that resembles cement, as well as simple gray walls that give a professional impression of a workspace.

The concept of open space is at the core of the design of this office space. The long table and glass doors are the main characteristics of the open space concept. Although the combination of wood and color elements in each room is different, that’s what makes CROWDE’s head office more dynamic and not fixated on just one design concept.