CROWDE Held a Financial Management Seminar for Farming Families

By Afrianti Eka Pratiwi - October 20, 2022


CROWDE held a household financial management seminar in 26 locations throughout West Java, including Garut, Sumedang, Bogor, Tasikmalaya, and Sukabumi, from 3 October to 19 October 2022, to celebrate the month of financial inclusion.

This event attempts to teach farmer communities how to organize their finances in a structured household. They must also understand the significance of financial planning by employing fundamental accounting skills such as financial bookkeeping.

"A wife is the minister of finance in her household. So, if the finance minister does not know how to manage money, her family will be wrecked," said Wulan, Community Development Trainer Radhia Tani, during a seminar in Cimanggung, Sumedang, West Java, Indonesia.


The trainer's content was fairly diverse and could cover all aspects of basic home finances. The trainer not only mentioned financial planning theory but participants were also invited to try doing household financial bookkeeping.

Participants were quite excited to come and engage in CROWDE's event. Their passion was seen in their commitment to better organize their finances after participating in this event.

On the "wall of hopes," the farming families wrote the promises they would make. They had many aspirations and pledges, such as conserving at least one million rupiah per month, allocating monies for children's education, and establishing an emergency fund.

"CROWDE frequently organizes activities like this so that individuals can gain more knowledge," said Euis, one of the participants from Ciawi.