CROWDE 2020 Resolutions: Strive to Have a Better Service For a Better Agricultural Development


Starting your new journey or new year with a set of resolutions is a must for most people. As a 4 years old start-up company, CROWDE has a big dream to achieve. We aim to be a better version of ourselves in 2019. For 2020, our main dream is still the same to help farmers to have a better life quality and good access to the financial lending system. But we want to make our dream more impactful with some resolutions like improving our service quality and project reporting system. The improvement not only focuses on our relation to farmers but also with all stakeholders like lenders, off-takers, and partners, here are some resolution activities that we already have:


  • Implement the lender fund account (RDL – Rekening Dana Lender) and borrower fund account (RDB – Rekening Dana Borrower) based on POJK (Financial Service Authority Policy) to improve the safety on an investment transaction. With this lender fund account, the lender’s money is no longer stored in CROWDE bank account and lenders have full access to their account.
  • Have a zero cash system for loan disbursement by collaborating with local farmer shops. The farmers who received a loan from CROWDE could purchase all of their needs at some appointed local farmer shop by only showing their credit approval from CROWDE. We started this system last year and we saw some improvement in how to minimize the risk of credit fraud after receiving a bulk of money.
  • Start a collaboration with various institutions to make sure all of the farmers’ needs like distribution, accompaniment, farmer education and the information on how to sell the crops at a fair price. We hire more field agents as CROWDE representatives at the local level to help farmers to do monitoring and make sure the harvest season happens with fewer problems.
  • The collaboration was built with some off-taker. We want to make sure all crops were purchased and make sure the repayment process is on time. Because the off-taker will be the person who is in charge of paying the crops to CROWDE and farmers only receive the profit from the repayment.
  • We also start to implement a standard operational procedure of customer handling that is regulated by OJK (Indonesian Financial Service Authority). All of the questions, suggestions, and feedback will be handled based on the level of urgency (low, middle, high, serious).


Without promising perfection on all of our resolutions, we still strive to do the best we can do to help farmers to get a better life.  If you want to help us to grow, feel free to reach us to give your feedback and suggestion for a better Indonesian agriculture sector in 2020.

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