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Company Growing Fast, CROWDE Applied a New System

tranformasi old system to new system

“We can’t fix what we can’t see, an integrated system to oversee every activity within the company is fundamentally necessary” said Yohanes Sugihtononugroho, the CEO & Co-Founder of CROWDE.

The sudden growth of CROWDE, made the old system feel outdated and necessary to be renewed. Recently, CROWDE implemented a new system. In which system, all the processes are done by one single integrated system.

The application of a single system, made every activity such financing, monitoring, or even management able to be done as a single giant integrated scheme. This is possible by using an internal API which is directly connected to the bank such as Bank BNI and Mandiri.

Not only that, this single system would shorten the process of Service Level Agreement (SLA). Formerly, such a process would take 12 days. Now the task could be done in 3 days.

The usage of NEO as the cloud based for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), also ensuring all the repayment trading transactions recorded by the system.

The renewal of the system is also one of many CROWDE attempts to  comply with the requirements given by the Asosiasi Fintech Pendanaan Indonesia (AFPI) and Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (OJK).