Category: Inspiratif

November 23, 2022

Ratusan Peserta Antusias Ikuti Berbagai Pelatihan Radhia Tani

Tak henti-hentinya, Radhia Tani mengadakan berbagai pelatihan menarik. Tidak hanya satu tema, kali ini Radhia Tani mengadakan tiga pelatihan secara...Continue Reading
November 11, 2022

CROWDE Gandeng ITB Untuk Upayakan Regenerasi Petani Milenial

Krisis regenerasi petani masih menjadi hal yang belum jelas solusinya. Menurut beberapa artikel yang dimuat di media massa, masih banyak...Continue Reading
October 28, 2022

CROWDE Supports Young Farmers by Participating in Youth Action for Sustainable Development Goals.

Youth Action For Sustainable Development Goals was hosted digitally and presented by numerous panelists, one of whom was Yohanes Sugihtonugroho,...Continue Reading
October 28, 2022

The Portrait of Young Successful Farmer

(BPS), the number of farmers in Indonesia as of 2019 reached 33.4 million people. Sadly, only 8% of young farmers...Continue Reading
October 28, 2022

The Story of A Successful Chili Farmer Overcoming the Economic Downturn

Indonesia is known as a fertile country where anything planted in the soil grows fast. We witnessed that truth when...Continue Reading
September 22, 2022

CEO & Co-Founder CROWDE Being a Finalist In The Y20 Awards

Y20 Award is a special recognition for young leaders at G20 countries and beyond who have consistently done projects/programs or...Continue Reading
September 22, 2022

CROWDE HQ Office Renovation, This is The New Look!

Recently, CROWDE renovated its head office located at Jalan Tebet Raya Number 34 Blok A Persil Number 4, South Jakarta....Continue Reading
September 22, 2022

CROWDE CEO & Co-Founder Was Chosen To Be The Representative In Obama Foundation Leaders Asia-Pacific Program 2022

CROWDE not only contributes to the welfare of local farmers, but also keeps improving and keeping up with the times....Continue Reading
September 22, 2022

Radhia Tani x SADILA Community Used The Old Plastic Bottle to Plant!

Who says that planting is difficult and needs a large area? Planting can be anywhere, even with simple materials such...Continue Reading
September 22, 2022

Welcome to CROWDE Deche H. Hadian!

With over a decade of experience garnered while working in Bank Indonesia, surely made Deche H. Hadian is the crucial...Continue Reading